The advertising investment in mainstream media falls 15.1%

Investment in conventional media advertising fell 15.1 percent in the first quarter, with newspapers at the head of this decrease (21.2 percent), followed by Sunday (17.9 percent) , television (17.17), radio (11.8 percent) and magazines (9 percent).

In television, the biggest drop experienced by the regional with a drop of 39.8 percent, according to data released today has Infoadex on ad spending in the first quarter 2012.

The fall of 15.1 percent in ad spending in mainstream media corresponds to a turnover of 993.5 million euros, compared to 1169.8 million recorded in the same period last year.

Except cinema and the Internet, other conventional means controlled by InfoAdex have seen their advertising revenue figures over the same period last year.

Television, which is the primary means by turnover, you get 485.2 million euros in the first three months of the year when the year 2011 reached a volume of 589.9 million.

In the chapter on regional television stations which are recorded a further decline in advertising revenue, reaching 39.8 percent, followed by pay channels, a decrease of 17.2 percent, and the chains open national rate of 15.4 percent.

The print media also show declines in the period: the newspapers, which are the second half for their absolute level of advertising revenue, recorded in the period from January to March 2012 fell by 21.2 percent to a figure of 173 , 1 million.

The Sunday decrease in the remaining 17.9 percent on a volume of 11.7 million, and magazines, which fell 9.0 percent, have a figure of 75.8 million euros in the first quarter.

The radio displays a 11.8 percent drop by an amount of 90.9 million in the quarter advertising revenue.

Internet and cinema are the only Mediso climbing.

Internet ad spending achieves an increase in the period from 6.4 percent and reached 75.7 million euros.

Finally, the film shows an increase of 10.1 percent, reaching a turnover of 4.0 million euros.